Langloch Farm - Bitter Orange & lemon Lip BalmOur Langloch Farm Botanics products are made on site in our Botanics Room by a team of CCI staff, participants and volunteers.

All team members are involved in the full production process, from harvesting and processing ingredients, through to packaging the products for sale.

Most of the ingredients for our Botanics range are grown at Langloch Farm, with additional organic ingredients ethically outsourced.  All products are cosmetically tested.

Our core products of lip balms, soaps and sugar scrubs come in a variety of scents such as Rosemary and Mint and Lavender and Calendula. See the full range here.

The range is enhanced regularly with special edition products such as wax melts and new products are currently being developed.

​The Langloch Farm Botanics range is available to buy in our Barn Gift Shop, from other retail outlets in Lanarkshire and we can also fulfil bulk orders directly on request.

For more information please contact us.