Our mission is that everyone contributes, everyone gains.   Many projects help to fulfil community aspirations.  Other activities are part of the CCI social enterprise model.  These approaches ensure that people gain a genuine sense of pride and purpose through participating in valuable occupation.

We have a conviction that our role is to holistically empower people to take control and responsibility for their lives and for the support and strategies that they feel will help to manage their long term conditions. 

All our activities fit with the Five Ways to Wellbeing model:-

Clydesdale Community Initiatives - 5 Ways to Wellbeing Model

Groups & Activities

Referral Pathway

CCI - NHS Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership 4CCI has an innovative model of inclusion that empowers individuals to take responsibility for their health, personal, social and vocational aspirations. Working with people with learning disabilities and long term mental health issues we engage each individual on the basis of their interests and abilities; a genuinely asset based approach to health and social care.

Support we offer

Each participant is allocated to an inclusive group who will have a mix of conditions and ages. There is one groupworker who will lead and support on tasks.

Each individual is assigned a keyworker who will provide ongoing support with placement.

We have a regular review process which provides opportunities for feedback and to address any issues or changes which could be beneficial for an individual.

Most of our placements do not have a time limitation.  However, when appropriate we encourage individuals to explore opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our Client Group

CCI - NHS Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership 5We work with people who are experiencing barriers to inclusion to make a meaningful contribution to their community.  Our criteria is that a person is able to participate in a group safely without risk to themselves or others.   Individuals may have a long term mental health condition, a learning disability, autism, be a young person at risk, people who are in advanced recovery from addiction, or a physical health condition.

First Steps

Use our contact form to make an enquiry

Alison Roy and Helen Thomson are  our Placement Support Coordinators who manage all referrals. 

 Alison or Helen will contact the referrer to arrange a visit for the individual to come to CCI.  This is an opportunity to get a better idea of what we offer, to meet some of the staff  and to chat to other participants who volunteer with us. 

A referral form will be sent to the relevant agency for completion. 

We will allocate the individual to an appropriate group then arrange a start date.